Saturday, December 28, 2019

Roster Mosaic 1981


  • Living in Portland 
  • Work at Mall 205 Cinemas and Saylers' Old Country Kitchen
  • Padres draft OF Tony Gwynn in the 3rd Round 
  • Padres draft Kevin McReynolds, Frank Castro and Bill Long ahead of Tony Gwynn.
  • Gwynn plays for the Walla Walla Padres and the Amarillo Gold Sox.  
  • The Padres go 41-69 under Manager Frank Howard in the strike shortened season.
  • Padres finish last in both halves of the season.
  • Missing Mike Phillips, can't even find a picture of him in a Padres uniform.
  • 33 of 34 players 


Chris said...

Lots of great early '80s cards there. I may need your help with picking the Padres' All-Time Team, since you know so much about the history of the franchise.

Fuji said...

In 1981, I was a elementary school aged kid living in San Jose who was blossoming into a diehard A's fan. At this point, I hadn't heard the name, Tony Gwynn. Rickey Henderson was hands down my favorite player until Gwynn supplanted him a few years down the road.