Monday, November 13, 2017

Padres Custom-Van Kelly

My next find was Van Kelly.  Van was signed by the  Milwaukee Braves as an amateur free agent before the 1964 season.  In June of 1969 he, Andy Finlay and Walt Hriniak were traded to the Padres for Tony Gonzalez.  He played in 111 games for the Padres in 1969 and '70.  After that he went back to the Braves organization, he also played in the White Sox and Expos organizations.  He managed the Lethbridge Expos in 1975.  I googled him and read some articles and found out he lived in North Carolina and was able to find an address for him.  I made nine cards of him and sent them to him and asked him to sign one and return it to me in the SASE I included.  He signed 4 for me.  I have one and the others have gone to other Padres fans.  He also sent me a note that said he didn't know why Topps had not made a card of him, and that he appreciated the card.  All of these custom cards have full backs also. 

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Unknown said...

Hi, I'd love to purchase a couple VAN KELLY PADRES CARDS. I married his daughter, and I want to surprise her with these. She'd love them. Thanks!