Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring Training TTM Successes

I sent these two to Kyle for my one per year collection.  Kyle will be the representative of the 2012 Padres.  I haven't been able to decide which one to use.  I got these back in just about a week from spring training.

I already had a signed card of Luke Gregerson, but I wanted to get this card with no name on it signed.  It took about 8 days to go to Peoria and come back.

Nate Freiman is card number 798 in my signed Padres collection.  I sent him this printing plate and another card for him to sign.  I also sent him a bunch of cards to keep and a pen to use and keep.

PunkRock Paint made this card for me so I could get it signed at a recent event that I attended.  Darcy never actually played for the Padres, but he had a 1972 Padres rookie card, with a couple of other people.

I sent Heath Bell two cards to sign, one was his SP from 2012 Topps and his sliding All Star Game card from the update set.  I also sent him an 8X10 and a bunch of cards for him to keep.  Well he signed the 8X10 and the sliding card, and kept the SP and signed everything else I sent him and included a few copies of his testimony card.  If you want an autographed Heath Bell card, let me know and we can make arrangements.  Specify which card you are interested in.  You can email me at padrographs at live dot com.


Kbrewster/90 said...

I sent his sliding card in Dec care of the marlins but it hasn't come back. if you're willing to trade yours i'd love to make that deal.

The Angels In Order said...

I'd be interested in one of the signed Bible cards. I sent to him asking for one. He sent one but he failed to sign it.

Ryan H said...

That Freiman printing plate looks awfully familiar.... It looks great autographed with a red Sharpie.

The Lost Collector said...

Really cool that you sent a printing plate to get signed! Looks great.

Derek Hill said...

I'd love to work something out to pick up the Bell GQ auto.
Shoot me an email.
Tomahawk Chopping

topher (Crackin Wax/Varsity Trading Cards) said...

Good choice of ink on the Blanks cards!