Wednesday, September 1, 2010


John Aloysius McKeon is better known as Trader Jack, for all the trades he has made as a general manager.  I did not realize that Jack had managed so much.  I didn't realize that he had managed 5 different teams including the Royals, A', Reds, Padres and the 2004 World Series Champions Marlins.  He is usually acknowledged as the architect of the 1984 pennant winning Padres.  He spent his pro playing career as a catcher in the minor leagues.  I got this and a couple of other cards of his signed through the mail.  John Francis McNamara is better known as the manager of the 1986 Red Sox, but after managing the A's in 1969 and '70, he managed the Padres to a record of 224-310 during the 4 seasons he managed there.  He then went on to manage the Reds, Red Sox, Angels, Mets, and Indians.  I got this signed SSPC card off of eBay.

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