Sunday, September 19, 2010

KnuckleBall and Barehanded Catchers

Douglas Anthony Mirabelli played a whopping 14 games with the Padres.  He had been acquired from the Red Sox for Mark Lorretta.  The Sox had acquired Josh Bard, but he couldn't handle Tim Wakefields' knuckleball.  So the Sox reacquired Mirabelli to be Wakefields' personal catcher.  I got this card from eBay. Kevin Darnell Mitchell started for the Padres on Opening Day 1987 but before the season was half way over he was up the coast in San Francisco. He had come to the Padres in a trade involving 4 guys named Kevin, Armstrong, Brown, McReynolds and Mitchell.  Kevin may best be known for a barehanded catch he made in San Francisco in 1989.  Kevin also played for the Reds, Mets and Mariners.    I have tried multiple times to get Kevin to sign a card through the mail, but I eventually bought this one on eBay. 

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