Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Punk Rock Paint, Condition Poor, Kettleart and GCRL this one is for you

Punk Rock Paint, GCRL, Condition:Poor and John of Kettleart here are the prizes you can choose from.  Travis gets first shot by picking 5 prizes, after he has picked I will let Sean know what is left and he can pick his three, then John can pick two out of the remaining items and then Jim can pick one of the remaining items.

1.  50 different Tony Gwynn cards-Punk Rock Paint
2. Sammy Sosa screen play card-GCRL
3.  La Danian Tomilinson Gladiator of the Gridiron action figure
4.  10 certified Baseball Autographed card-Punk Rock Paint
5.  Mike Schmidt MacFarlane Action Figure-Condition:Poor
6. Mickey Mantle  MacFarlane Action Figure-Condition:Poor
7.  Jim Brown MacFarlane Action Figure-Condition Poor
8. Roger Staubach MacFarlane Action Figure
9.  Peter Maravich MacFarlane Action Figure
10.  Oscar Robertson MacFarlane Action Figure
11. Ladianan Tomilinson MacFarlane Action Figure-Kettleart
                                                          12.  Tony Gwynn screen play card-GCRL
                                                           13.  Jacoby Ellsbury MacFarlane Action Figure-Kettleart

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