Friday, February 5, 2021

Fuji and The Angels have picked

 Thanks to the Randomizer GCRL you have the last two picks of what is left on the Prize Page.

I will try and get all the prizes packaged up and out over the weekend.  

Then we will start the business of picking the next ninety nine cards.

Thank you for stopping by and thank you for your assistance.  


gcrl said...

Thank you rod! I'll pick the Andrew Miller auto and the Bob Gibson project 2020 card. Looking forward to the next cards of your phrankenset.

Brett Alan said...

I'm amazed (A-Mays-ed?) that that Willie Mays has lasted so long. I really don't care about Project 2020, and I still seriously considered picking that. Hopefully someone still to pick will appreciate it!

The Diamond King said...

The Mays was on my list too! That one and the Ichiro are the ones I am most surprised that didn't get picked.

bbcardz said...

There were so many awesome prizes, I'm actually not aurprised that some haven't been picked yet. Thanks for a wonderful contest!