Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Letter G, Sheet 3 and the Padres are 10-12

Ted Giannoulas, 1983 Donruss; Ted is the San Diego Chicken
Brian Giles; 2004 Fleer Platinum; Brian played in 833 games for the Padres from 2003 to 2009
Marcus Giles, 2007 Topps Heritage; Marcus played in 116 games for the Padres in 2007
Dave Giusti, 1969 Topps; Dave was drafted by the Padres in the expansion draft but was traded to the Cards before the season
Chris Gomez, 1998 Mothers Cookies; Chris played in 533 games for the Padres from 1996 to 2001
Pat Gomez, 1994 Fleer; Pat pitched in 27 games for the Padres in 1993
Preston Gomez, 1969 Topps; Preston managed the Padres from 1969 to 1972
Jesse Gonder, 1969 Topps; Jesse played for the Padres in 1962, and had played his final game in the majors in 1967.  No idea why Topps included him in the 1969 set
Adrian Gonzalez, 2006 Upper Deck; Adrian played in 799 games from 2006 to 2010

Cumulative Count
Hall of Famers-1
Sets of Brothers-2.5
Didn't play for the Padres-57

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