Saturday, March 1, 2014

Recent additions

I sent out cards to five players on February 10 and ten days later I had the cards on the left back and 15 days later I got the cards on the right back.  I had sent each player some cards to keep in addition to the two I had asked them to sign.  Tommy Medica and Robbie Erlin each signed two cards and kept the rest.  Tyson Ross however signed all six cards that I sent him.  One does not appear because the signature was so smudged that I disposed of the card.  I have not received the cards back from Eric Stults and Nick Hundley.  I am going to put the red sparkly cards into the player section and going to use one of the base cards to represent the 2014 team.  I am leaning towards using the Tommy Medica card for the year by year portion of my collection.  This bring me up to 845 cards of members of the Padres organization.  I will be posting the players whose names begin with B beginning on Monday.  After that I will be posting the people I still need.  Thanks for listening.

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