Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Portland to Petco, Day Three

Today we drove from Santa Cruz to Port Hueneme, it was an exceptionally fun drive and some great highlights and some strange driving behavior from others.  We left Santa Cruz and jumped on Highway 1 and headed down the coast, arriving in Carmel in time to take a look at the many ways my first high school, Carmel High had changed. Then we headed down the coast towards Big Sur, we were stopped at Rocky Point, where caltrans had installed lights instead of hiring flaggers to move traffic.  We stopped and took some pictures of Coast Guard Hill, I tried to get on the base to go look at our house but the front gate was chained tight with six, yes six, padlocks on the chain.  So I took some pictures through the front gate, of Dad's office and the BOQ and we went on down the road.  The gate to Captain Cooper School was open so we drove up there.  Captain Cooper is a three room school, where I think Tim and Mel went to school.  It was only 5 miles from home, while Luann and I were riding a bus 30 miles each way to school.  After coming down from Captain Cooper we drove into Big Sur and shopped for a few minutes at the General Store.  Then we went on down the road a little bit to Nepenthe for lunch.  It was amazing, I had their famous Ambrosia Burger and Phil and Robert each had a half rack of ribs.   If you go there give yourself time to eat, because you will spend as much admiring the view as you will eating and they have a great gift shop.  However the view is the best thing, I got a chance to talk to a woman who has worked there 20 years and she was able to fill me in on some of the people I knew there.  After we left there it was driving to get as far as we could, we made it to Port Hueneme, which is where out family lived in 64 and 65.  Dad was stationed at Pt. Mugu and flew out to San Nicolas Island every work day, to do something secret for the Navy. I went to school at Laguna Vista, Miss Jones was my teacher and we had a Blue Angel jet on the playground that we could climb on.  When got to our motel we went and got dinner at Panda Express and came back and watched the OSU Beavers hang on to win a trip to the College World Series.


The Lost Collector said...

Sounds like a great trip so far!

Stealing Home said...

Your trip is a little bitta nostalgia for me too.
I've made that drive a few times, but coming up from L.A. toward the north.