Friday, January 25, 2013

1969 Hall of Fame

Stanley Coveleskie and Waite Hoyt were selected to be inducted into the Hall of the Fame by the Veterans Committe.  Roy Campanella and Stan Musial were elected by the Baseball Writers.  Stan Musial just passed away on Sunday and I was reminded of the one time I got to meet Mr. Musial.  He was doing a signing at a mall here in Portland, it's gone now.  I went to the show with my friend Craig Lockwood and after we shopped, me for Padres stuff and Craig for football, we got in line and were talking.  Craig stepped up and spoke to Mr. Musial and Stan told Craig that he had a great voice for radio.  Craig and I chuckled and moved on.  The thing is Craig was a disc jockey for a local country music station.

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Unknown said...

Coveleski, the name is spelled wrong on the card, pitched for the Portland Beavers.