Monday, June 21, 2010

Girls with Guitars

I got this autograph from a dealer many years ago.  The Judds were one of my favorite country acts. I got into country music again when I was working at Baseball Cards and More from 1990-1995.  One of our regular customers was Craig Lockwood, who was a personality on KWJJ at the time.  He bought lots of football at the time, and I started listening to the station during his show and heard lots of music that I liked.  Ruth Ann and I went to the Judds farewell concert at Memorial Coliseum in 1991.  T.G. Shepherd opened, then The Pirates of the Mississippi, then some kid named Garth Brooks and finally The Judds.   I really like the Judds, but they were a bit of a let down after Garth and his high energy.  The Judds idea of energy was to switch places on stages, although in all fairness Naomi had been diagnosed with Hepatitis C.  Some day I would like to meet Wynonna and Naomi in person. 

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