Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Awesome Mail Day and Alexander Cole Jr.

When I arrived home I had mail from a Hall of Famer, a relief pitcher, a Dodger fan in Minnesota and a teacher who is enjoying his summer break. It only took Mike Adams 11 days to return the card I sent and he even signed it with the lovely green pen I sent him. I am really tired of cards only signed in blue and black.
Hall of Famer Bobby Doerr who only lives two hours away from me signed all three of the items that I sent him, although he missed the intent of one of the cards I sent him. Bobby is a former Padre player, he played for them in 1936. Story is the BoSox came looking to scout Doerr and happened to see a skinny kid in the outfield and the rest as they say is history. The card on the bottom right is one for my other website, I am an avid reader and am interested in what others are reading or have liked. I asked Bobby to tell me what his favorite book is and then sign the card. He failed to read the instructions completely and only signed the card, although the aforementioned teacher also failed to completely read the instructions and told me what his two favorite books were but didn't sign the card. I am still going to keep the readerman card and the Goudey. I will trade the Hall of Fame postcard for a really cool Padres cards or an extremely large number of Padres or a cool custom Padres card. Some of you have already or will receive the Readerman cards in with your packages. I am looking forward to hearing your recommendations.

Ryan, the aforementioned teacher, who I hope is enjoying his summer break sent me the cards above with a bunch of other Padres. Three swatch cards is truly awesome but the other cards are some that he sent that I didn't have. The Mark Davis painting card is one that I actually have a print of. Someone won it in a contest and then I bought it on Ebay. Thanks Ryan and the whole crew at I Heart Halos.
Jim, of GCRL fame, sent me the bunch of cards above in with a bunch of others. This is the first ever graded card that I have ever owned. I don't really see the point in getting a card like this graded. I think grading should be reserved for cards that are from 1979 or before. I scanned the top two cards to see how they would they would come out. The blue sky around Trevor is semi clear plastic. Matt Clement was in the news as he got hired to be a basketball coach. Eddie Williams was playing in a adult hardball league when the Padres signed him. Thanks Ryan and Jim. Hey Night Owl I think Alex is rockin a really cool pair of specs. Alex Cole was drafted by the Cardinals in the 2nd round of the 1985 draft. He was traded to the Padres in April of 1990 along with Steve Peters for Omar Olivares. In July of that year he was traded to the Indians for Mitch Vaughn and changed his named to Willie Mays Hays, OK he was actually traded for Tom Lampkin. In Cleveland he played in 226 games over three seasons before being traded to Pittsburgh for Tony Mitchell. He played part of 1992 for the Pirates, but then became a charter member of the Rockies in the expansion draft. In 1994 he signed with the Twins as a free agent and played two seasons there before signing with the Red Sox in 1996. He played in 1996 for the Red Sox and then seemingly retired. I got this card off of eBay earlier this year. My work here is done, now I have to head over to to review Baseball Eccentrics by Bill Lee, yes the Spaceman.

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