Friday, March 25, 2016

your source for Andy Green and Tarrik Brock autographed cards

Rocky Gale, Rocky made his major league debut last year with the Padres. He was resigned by the Padres as a minor league free agent and invited to camp as a non roster free agent this year.  I made this card and used the 1988 template because that was the year he was born.  The card came back in about two weeks.

Andy Green is the Padres manager this year.  I used the 1967 template because I knew that would be this years Heritage.  I asked him to sign one card and keep the rest.  He signed and returned them all.  I have given all the extras away.

Tarrik Brock is the first base coach for the Padres this year.  Same story as with Andy Green, sign one and keep the rest.     But he signed them all.


defgav said...

Those look great!

Jeremya1um said...

I love the Brock customs. I saw him play in the Minors in 1996 in Lakeland, and got him to sign a pennant, but didn't have any of his cards then. I have a few of his cards now, so I'll have to try him ttm.

Marcus said...

Those Brock and Green customs look great! Nicely done!