Friday, September 25, 2015

trying to catch up

Padrograph #892, Chuck McElroy.  I got this signed through Chris Potter Sports who did a private signing.  Chuck pitched in 31 games for the Padres in 2001.

Padrographs #893, Wil Myers.  Wil is a former Rookie of the Year, but most of his time with the Padres has been on the injured list.  I got this Stadium Club on ebay.
Padrographs #894 & #895, Josh Johnson & Johnny Manziel.
Josh is about to have his third  Tommy John surgery.  I got this on ebay.  Johnny Manziel threw out the first pitch at a Padres game.  I got this fairly cheap on ebay.

Padrographs #896, Jay Franklin.  Jay played in 3 games for the Padres in 1971.  I got this custom signed through an autograph dealer.

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Marcus said...

That Wil Myers card is rad. That Manziel has played in as many regular season games for the Padres as Josh Johnson has is just sad.