Friday, August 29, 2014

The Letter R, Sheet 3 and I am tired of Frozen and Toy Story 3

Dennys Reyes, 2005 Topps Total, Dennys pitched in 36 games for the Padres in 2005.
Don Reynolds, 1979 Topps, Don played in 87 games for the Padres in 1978 and '79.
Harold Reynolds, 1994 Pinnacle, Don Reynolds' little brother was with the Padres in spring training in 1994 but was traded to the Angels before the season began.

Cumulative Count
Hall of Famers-7
Sets of Brothers-8
Father/Son Combo-1
Didn't play for the Padres-104
Letters done-17
Letters left-9

Our almost 3 year old granddaughter has been staying with us since last Saturday while her parents attend Burning Man in the Nevada desert.  We have watched Frozen, Toy Story 3 and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 at least 5 times each since then.  Our boys did this also when they were little.
Give me a few days before watching them again.  

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JediJeff said...

When my son was little, it was "Beauty and the Beast". Thank goodness for Star Wars, or I would have to admit that a Disney cartoon was the movie I have seen the most times. Daily for close to a year.