Tuesday, July 29, 2014

This time the visitors lost but I got some signatures

Last night my friend Robert Jones picked me up after work and we drove down to Salem-Keizer  to see the Volcanoes play the Emeralds. I like going there because I pay for General Admission and sit in my lawn chair and talk to the guys in the bullpen.  I finally decided on a design for this years cards and this is it.  I made backs for them and started numbering them at 141, card 1, 2014.  The guys were happy as I gave them each one of their cards when they signed one for me. I am going to see the Ems play Hillsboro on August 9, so I need to get some more made before them.  I took a lot of pictures again last night but I might have to resort to getting pictures off the web.  So far I have made ten cards.

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