Thursday, July 10, 2014

Once again the visiting team wins and I get some sigs.

 I went to see the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes (Giants) play the Eugene Ems (Padres) on Tuesday and Wednesday night.  We didn't stay for much of Tuesdays game, I think we left in the 2nd inning.  The two year old granddaughter was running my wife into the ground.  I took some cards I had made to get signed and took a lot of pictures.   The cards at the left I got signed Tuesday before the game.  The Trae Santos was a card I had made for him last year, but he had to go home for a funeral before he could sign it.  Homer Bush, Robbie Wine and Nelson Cruz were all pictures I got off the internet.  Trea Turner, Jose Urena and Marcus Davis were all pictures that The Prowling Cat took when he went to a game in Eugene on July 3.
 I took a picture of all the Ems pitcher just as they lined up for the National Anthem on Tuesday.  I printed it out and took to the game with me Wednesday night.  I got to stay for the whole game because I went by myself.  One of the nice things, to me anyway, is I just take a folding chair and set right next to the bullpen and talk with the pitchers.  I managed to get 12 of the fifteen guys in the picture to sign it.  I still have a few more games to get the other 3.

On Tuesday we took our 2 1/2 grand daughter to the game with us.  She and my wife were taking pictures while I got autographs.  Nelson Cruz, the pitching coach, came out and waved to Nola and my wife took a picture.  Nola kept talking about the baseball guy. It was her first ever game, so I got Nelson to sign the photo for her and someday I will give it to her.

I took a whole bunch of pictures so I can make cards of as many guys as possible.


Marcus said...

Minor league uniforms are hit and miss, but I really like the Em's. I'd say they're my favorite in the Padres org. Very cool to get the autograph to give to your granddaughter. Great custom stuff, as usual.

zman40 said...

Nice cards! I love the granddaughters first auto, too. I had no idea Robbie was managing in the minors. Last I knew, he was with Penn State.

Unknown said...

Awesome customs!