Friday, July 15, 2011

A & G Warm up

I went to the LCS  yesterday and picked up my box of A & G for my first time into Gints A Cuff.  I also picked up three packs, I opened 1.  I save packs for my birthday and Christmas since no one in my family buys me any thing for holidays.  Today I picked up a rack pack and a retail pack at the closest Target store.  These are the highlights of what I got out of the packs I opened.  I am waiting to open my box until the commissioner posts the rules.  Being the FNG to Gint a Cuffs I want to be sure that I know what is going on before I start.  Everything here is for trade, I am looking for Padres, autos or relics of Padres or Guy Fieri, Stan Lee, Dirk Hayhurst and Rafer Johnson.  Once  I open my box I will be trading most of them also. 

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