Sunday, May 3, 2009

Scott Robert Cassidy

Scott Cassidy was signed by the Toronto Blue Jays as an amateur free agent in 1998. He made it to the majors in 2002 when he pitched in 66 innings in 58 games, no saves, and a 1-4 record, so I would guess he time as a middle reliever and maybe a spot starter. He spent the next two seasons in the minor leagues before he was sent to the Red Sox as part of a conditional deal. The BoSox released him and he signed as a free agent with them before the 2005 season. During the 05 season he was traded to the Padres for Adam Hydzu. While with the Padres he went 7-3 over 53.3 innings in 53 games. He was often used as a set up man for Trevor Hoffman. He played in Portland in 2007, in December of 2007 he signed a free agent contract with the Brewers but voluntarily retired on March 2, 2008. I got the card signed through the mail while he was in Portland.

Thanks to all of you who sent best wishes while I was down. I went to the Doctor on Thursday and he gave me colchicine to beat the gout and vicodin for the pain. I knew I was OK this morning when a nurse friend at church asked how much pain I felt and I said a 1. We decided I had been to the doctor enough, but she knew how I was feeling. I am better and walking a little slower.


night owl said...

Good to hear.

Goose Joak said...

Glad you are doing better!

unclemoe said...

Didn't know Cassidy had any Padres cards. Nice!