Sunday, June 3, 2018

Padrograph #1094 and now I have vintage

 Since this is my collection I get to decide what fits in it.  In the Padres 2018 their is a article about an artist whose work often features Padres themes in his artwork.  Most of us know him as Travis Peterson or the mind behind PunkRockPaint.  I decided to make a card of him.  He became a Padres fan through a meeting with the San Diego Chicken so when I found this picture of Travis with the Chicken and Travis' son, I used that picture to make a card of him.  I sent him the card and found that Travis signs through the mail.  He son liked the card so much that he sent me a piece of his artwork of a penguin as a thank you.

This morning at 7 AM I was at Portland International Airport to pick up my sister-in-law as she flew in from Seward, Alaska. She came bearing fresh Alaska salmon and fresh Topps vintage cards.  The cards had belonged to her husbands brother growing up in New Jersey.  The cards are a mixture ranging from 1965 to 1981.  There are just a few cards prior to 1973, there is a small group of '72 but they had all been stapled to something and one actually still had the staple in it. There are many of many of the other years including a large number of '74 Topps Traded cards.  The biggest group is 1981 Topps.  There were even some 78-79 hockey cards, those hold no interest for me, so I will be trading or selling them. 

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