Saturday, January 30, 2010

2010 Topps-finally

I went to the local card shop and bought five packs of Topps and went to Target and bought 4 packs.  I opened 3 of the hobby packs and all of the retail packs.  I am keeping two packs of everything unopened, I will open one pack on September 13, my birthday and the other on Christmas morning because no one in my family ever buys me cards.  I got a couple of Padres and two different Adrian Gonzalez Toppstown cards.  I think Topps bipped me, but I got some good cards also. All of the inserts are available for trade. I would like the Topps cards of Padres in trade, particulary any inserts, especially the new guys.  The reprints I can do without, I already have plenty of the regular cards.  I would like the team card cause there are several guys on there that I could get signatures of.  For your viewing pleasure.  The Jackie Robinson, Dustin Pedoria and Pudge have the CMT back.  I think I will keep the Topps Million cards and see what I get, those were both in the retail packs I bought.

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deal said...

I project that your birthday pack will include Erik Bedard and Andru Jones. Your Christmas Pack will be an A's special with Andrew Bailey and a Franchise History card.

thats pretty crummy luck out of 7 packs.