Wednesday, January 6, 2010

It's not easy being Green(e)

Gary Allan Green played in 5 seasons for San Diego, Texas and Cincinnati although his total number of games doesn't even add up to a full season.  I remember watching him play for Las Vegas when they would come to play Portland, when there were three AAA Leagues the PCL teams came to town many more times than they do now.  The configuration of Civic Stadium then made it much easier to have access to the players.  He was always a nice guy and helped me get a few autographs.  I got this signed through the mail I believe.
Khalil Thabit Greene is one of the biggest disappointments to hit the Padres and Cardinals.  He played for the Padres for 6 years getting progessively worse. I had great hopes for him when he first got to the majors after having watched him play here.  I got this signed through the mail I thought it would be cool to get him to sign it in green.

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