Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Albums of the Week

On Monday I received the album on the left in the mail. All three albums are by Larry Norman.  These three albums are a trilogy, there are various versions of all three of them, there are the ones the record companies released and then ones that were changed when Larry got the rights to them and reissued them on his Phydeaux label.  I have listened to each of them individually and hopefully soon I will listened to them in toto.  I hope to be able to find the Phydeaux reissues.  I saw Larry in concert many times, in Oakland, California, Portland and Salem, Oregon.  I got to take my sons to see him in Salem not long before he passed away.  We got to talk with him and present him with a piece of artwork that my son had done.  

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

What I am Reading

I am still reading 12 Rules For Life, this should be the last week you see it here.  I am in the middle of Rule 12.  
I am usually a one book at a time reader but right now I am reading multiple books at the same time although one of them I am reading in bite size portions.  
Every morning when I get up I read the daily reading in The One Year Bible, so each morning I get some from the Old Testament, some from the New Testament, a Psalm and a snippet from Proverbs.  I like this particular book because it has wide lined margins so I can write easily in it.  
After I am done with that I read some in When I Don't Desire God by John Piper.  I typically read a page or less, because John Piper is so deep that I usually have to read things twice before I understand them. 
I am still reading 12 Rules for Life twice a day, at lunch time and before I go to sleep at night.  I think I should finish it tomorrow and have something new to read by Friday.  

Monday, May 20, 2019


I haven't received or picked up any new Padrographs since last week, so I thought I would take you back to where it all began.  Sometime in 1986 when Topps cards came out I started sending cards to the members of the Padres asking for signatures on their cards.  Out of the 29 cards that made up a team set in 1986 I would guess that I had 20 of them signed. I have made roster mosaics of every year of the Padres which are made of every signed card.  These are only the players that actually played in 1986.  Since I only keep one card of each player some of the cards from the '86 Topps set have been traded away.  1986 is one of the few years that I have everyone who played that year on a signed card.  The Mark Wasinger card is a custom that I did a couple of years ago.  There are two members of this team that are no longer with us.  Tony Gwynn and Eric Show.   

Saturday, May 18, 2019

TOTAL Cardboard

 I couldn't figure out what to write about today and then it showed up in my mailbox.  I had ordered four pack of 2019 Topps TOTAL and they arrived today.  Each box held two packs of ten cards, each box also held a spongy thing to keep the packs from moving around.  The pack wrappers were nothing special just silver mylar.  As promised I received ten cards in each pack.  I
got one parallel card numbered to ten.  It was the first card in the first pack I opened. It was the Aroldis Chapman, numbered 8/10.  It is a little different on the back also, it is numbered 81A, no other card had the A designation so that must be for the of 10 cards, I wonder if the of 5 cards have a B after the number.  I got one Padres cards and it was a good one, I believe there are two other Padres in the first wave. The backs are pretty generic, the players name, position and team.  A short paragraph of between 3 and 5 lines about the player.  No card in the four packs had anything longer than five lines.  Both the front and the back of the cards are very glossy.  
Out of the 40 cards I got 30 different players, I got dupes of Justin Smoak, James McCann, Chad Bettis, Chris Davis (Baltimore) and Melky Cabrera.  I got just 20 different teams represented.  
Here are the players I got and are available for trade.
Wandy Peralta, Reds
Tyler O, Neil, St. Louis
Chris Davis x2, Baltimore
Justin Smoak x2, Toronto
Devon Travis, Toronto
Chad Bettis x2, Colorado
Tyler Glasnow, Tampa Bay
Willy Adames, Tampa Bay
Dereck Rodriguez, San Francisco
Tyler Austin, San Francisco
James McCann x2, White Sox
Alex Colome, White Sox
Mike Trout, Angels
James Barria, Angels
Kenley Jansen, Dodgers
David Freese, Dodgers
Clayton Kershaw, Dodgers
Night Owl has the right of first refusal on the Dodgers
Stephen Piscotty, A's
Yusmeiro Petit, A's
Fuji has the right of first refusal on the A's
Trevor Rosenthal, Washington
Victor Robles, Washington
Daniel Descalso, Cubs
Steve Cishek, Cubs
Matt Andries, Diamondbacks
Caleb Joseph, Diamondbacks
Wilmer Flores, Diamondbacks
Jeuse Aguilar, Brewers
Neil Walker, Marlins
Pablo Lopez, Marlins
Max Moroff, Cleveland
Trevor Bauer, Cleveland
Trevor May, Twins
Blake Parker, Twins
I am interested in trading for the Topps Totals Padres or autographs for my Frankenset.  

Friday, May 17, 2019

Frankenset Cardboard Update

Last Saturday I went to the monthly card show in the neighborhood and I found someone selling autographs for $1 each, so I took my place in front of his box and started going through it.  I picked up 23 autographs for my Frankenset.  The show was also good in that I picked up three of the five cards I needed to finish my 1952 Bowman's U.S. Presidents set. 
Now to update the frankenset.
#15 W.P. Kinsella is the author of Shoeless Joe, the book which was adapted into the movie Field of Dreams displaced a Warren Newsom minor league card.  I will have to find a different Newt card for the set.  
#24 Dennis Dixon former Oregon Duck quarterback 
#25 Olympian Jake Dalton completes the second page of the set.  So far only the first and second pages are complete.  
#73 Keith Ballard the Florida Panthers will reappear later in the set also.
#86 Clint Irwin keeper for the Toronto FC
#98 Landry Jones, who signed in March of 2019 with the Somewhere Raiders
#99 Matt Mitchell who was formerly with the Royals.  There are way too many Matt Mitchells involved in baseball to figure out what he is doing now.  
#100 Bernardo Flores was drafted by the White Sox in 2016 and is currently playing in their system.  
#105 Franklin Stubbs, I need signed cards even if they are Dodgers. Additionally this card has a cameo by future Hall of Famer Bruce Bochy
#114 Bip Roberts is a player I saw play in High School, the minors and the majors.  Plus he is one of the coolest people ever.
#120 Da'Rick Rogers played for the Colts in 5 games in 2013
#126 Adam LaRoche is also a relic card, see what you can get for $1 these days.
#141 Paul Davis played for the Clippers and Wizards in a 4 year NBA career
#155 Jordan Todman played in the NFL from 2011-2017
#157 Danny Brewer played minor league baseball from 2008-2013
#171 Martin Nance played in one game for the Vikings in 2006
#180 Darius Earvin Johnson-Odom played in 4 games for the Lakers and 3 games for the Sixers between 2012-2014
#229 Michael Bowden played in the majors from 2008-2013 for the Red Sox and Cubs
#236 Derek Holland has played in the majors since 2019 and is currently playing for the rebuilding Giants
#239 Cecil Butler in 1962 and 1964 for the Milwaukee Braves

#245 Matt Barkley is a quarterback with the Buffalo Bills
#252 Pat Neshek Phillies pitcher, former Padre, baseball card collector and friend to autograph collectors.  I got this one through the mail earlier this year.
#256 Patrick Turner played for the Dolphins and the Jets between 2009 and 2012
#268 Wendell Mathis was drafted by the Vikings but doesn't seem to have ever played
#411 Scooby Wright III has a great name and played with the Browns and Cardinals in the NFL.  He played for the Arizona Hotshots in the short lived Alliance of American Football league.
#451 Bud Black is currently managing the Rockies and is a former Padres manager and former major league pitcher.
#505 Keith Ballard from the beginning of the set makes an appearance as a member of the Canucks
#571 Cliff Speck is from Portland.  I used to have an autograph of him in my Oregon collection before I sold it.

The Frankenset page is now updated

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Album of the Week in a cardboard sleeve

This was a really good book and the movie was awesome.  While I was in the Navy, way back in 1975-1979, I saw this something like 23 times.  Out at sea back in the day, we had either our choice of watching a movie on the mess decks or watching videotapes in our berthing compartment.  Since we didn't make landfall all that often we didn't get new movies or tapes very often.  So I often had to choose between watching Jaws or Donny and Marie re-runs.  I love Marie but could only stomach so much of the corny humor they seemed to embrace.  So I have seen it many times and always liked the main theme and the rest of the score didn't really register.  I got this from Ebay and listened to it the other night while writing letters to some Padres for TTM requests.  It is a very good orchestral soundtrack, I shouldn't really be surprised since it is by John Williams.   

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

What I Am Reading

I am still reading 12 Rules for Life, An Antidote to Chaos by Jordan B. Peterson.  I am almost through rule 7.  The book is full of great principles that will help anyone.  It is written with a great deal of humor, but also a large helping of philosophy.  
This is the beginning of my To Be Read (TBR) shelf.  On the far left are the ones I bought yesterday at a store closing sale and then some that I picked up at a huge used book sale a couple of weeks ago and on the right are the ones I currently have checked out from the library.  

What are you reading?  

Monday, May 13, 2019

Padrographs Update

#1147 Esteury Ruiz, this came out in this years Bowman and I picked it up on eBay.  Esteury was originally signed by the Royals as a free agent in 2015 and was traded to the Padres in 2017.  He is currently playing at Lake Elsinore.

#1148 Brad Boxberger, pitched in 42 games for the Padres in 2012 and 2013.  He is currently pitching for the Royals.  I made this card and sent to him care of the Royals, it took just a little more than a week for it to come back.

#1149 Nick Margevicius, is part of the Padres rookie revolution.  Before this year he had never pitched above A except for one game at AA in the playoffs.  So far he has pitched around 41 innings in the majors and has a 4.14 ERA, (mainly cause he got hit hard yesterday at Mile High, I mean Coors Field.  I first heard about Nick before the season in an article in the Athletic.   I made this card and sent it to him care of the Padres, it took about a month for it to come back. 

Just need one more signed card to make it to 1,150 Padrographs.  Wonder who it will be?

Sunday, May 12, 2019

The Great Room Swap

 My wife and I bought our first house when we were 50, that was twelve years ago.  When we first moved in we had both our sons living with us and so they each had a bedroom and my wife used the bonus room/laundry room as a sewing room. 
Over the years I have been in a shed in the backyard and upstairs.  My wife decided she wanted the two upstairs rooms for her fabric and sewing space.  So I got the bonus room and have just about finished moving in. 
So here is a quick tour.  The first picture is just inside the door.  It is where most of my hats are and sometimes I read on the couch.  

The next picture is what you see if you are standing in the doorway.  It is one of my book cases and where my Captain America action figure resides. Then there is a closer look at the Captain America collection. Next to the bookcase is my desk, you can see that I am only semi organized and then there is a close up of my desk.  Lastly there is a set of shelves that are just to the right of my desk.  On the top shelf are McFarlane figures representing
each of my favorite teams in the big four leagues.  The Minnesota Wild (although that may change when the Seattle franchise starts, Russell Wilson representing the Seattle Seahawks, Shaq for the Los Angeles Lakers and Trevor Hoffman repping the Padres.  Next are some Disney infinity game pieces I collected because I liked the way they were sculpted.  Next are the library books I have checked out.  

Friday, May 10, 2019

Frankenset Update

#62 Paul Overstreet displaces Padre farmhand Danny Payne.  Years ago Paul played a concert here in Portland and we joined his fan club.  We didn't know person signing us up was his wife.  She took us and introduced us to Paul.  It was a thrill to our boys who were both under ten at the time.  They are 32 and 29 now.

#70 Nate Jaqua.  Nate went to the same high school as I did, South Eugene High School.  Nate was a few years behind me.

#153 Sean Morey.  I am trying to get as many different types of cards in the set, so here is one from the NFL's European League.

#175 Mike Moore,  I used to like the Sharks best, but now I am a Wild fan.  I think San Jose has the second best logo in the NHL.  Plus I need a few die-cut cards in the Frankenset.  

                                                                            #220 Neil Johnson.  Another attempt to get more leagues involved in the Frankenset.  Neil Johnson played for the ABA Virginia Squires.  

#327 Neil Lomax.  Neil is a local player that I met once. I had a signed Sports Illustrated poster of him for years.  

#353 Sean Morey, see card number 70 above.  I thought it was going to be easier to get cards for this set, but I have not been having much luck of finding signed cards inexpensively so I have abandoned my rule about duplicate autographs.

The Frankenset Page is updated.  

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Custom Cards

Mike Johnson is Padrograph #891.  I  just realized that I only have Mike on this 1974 error card I made.  I think I only made 3 of them back in my very first time making cards for Mike. I first made cards for Mike back in 2015.  Prior to my friend an autograph dealer getting Mike to sign some 4X6 photos many people did not believe that Mike had ever made it to the majors.   Mike only pitched in 18 games for the Padres in 1974, after that he never pitched professionally again.  From what I understand Mike now has a pest control company in Arizona.  Since he only pitched in 18 games, he doesn't qualify for an MLB pension.  Since I made these Mike has ordered about 600 cards, about every two months he orders 45 more cards.  Once he was being inducted into his high school's Hall of Fame in Minnesota and ordered 99 cards to take with him.  He always orders in multiples of 9 cards because that is how many I can get on a sheet.  

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

The Light by Tim Flannery

This is the newest CD from Tim Flannery, yes the Padres player and coach and the Giants third base coach.  This is the 13th CD from Tim, I started listening to him when he gave me his  second CD,  Secret World, at the Kingdome in 1997.  I had sent Tim a mixtape of surf tunes for his birthday and I saw him after a game in Seattle and he went got it off the bus for me.  Tim has a bluegrass sound with Irish influences.  He has written many of the songs that he sings.  He got Jake Peavey started playing guitar and singing.  They used to sing together in hotel stairwells.  All the income from Tim's concerts and CD's have gone to help Bryan Stow, the Giants fan who was beat into a coma outside Dodger Stadium and The Love Harder Project.  Tim's music is available at CD Baby and also at his website Tim  I recently completed my run of his CD's when I found his first one on eBay.  I really like his music.  

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

The State of the Blog

I have writing this blog for almost 11 years now.  At first it was easy to come up with things to write about as I was building my Padrographs.  I talked about each card as I got it.  Now that I have almost 1,150 different Padrographs I don't get cards as often so there seems to be less to write about.  So I decided to write on a schedule and give myself something to write about each day.  So here is hopefully the schedule I will write about throughout the week.
Monday I will update my collection and share new Padrographs.  If I don't have any new signed Padrographs I will share some old ones.  
Tuesday I will write about whatever book I am reading.  Hopefully it will be a new book each week.  Last year I started 98 books and finished 96.  That's down from the days when I rode mass transit an hour each way to and from work.  Now I read at lunch time and just before I go to bed.
Wednesday I recently bought a turntable and CD player so I will write about what ever I am listening to.  Right now I am listening to the soundtrack to the 1978 movie Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.  
Thursday I will showcase some of my custom cards.  I have made close to seven hundred cards of players.  Many of them have never had cards with a major league team before.  Also I have made cards of players who never had a card with a particular team.  I made cards of Lowell Palmer with four different teams, he even found a picture with one team when I couldn't find one.  One player has ordered over 600 copies of his card.  I will be writing about him first.  
Friday I will update the Frankenset with any cards that have been bumped and any cards that have been added.  Hopefully soon I will have more than one of sixty five pages filled.  With that if you have any extra autographed cards that are numbered below 585 I would be interested in trading with you.  I can send you cards of your teams or perhaps players you collect.
Saturday I am entertaining suggestions as to what to write about on Saturday.  If you have any suggestions please let me know.  
Sunday Will be potpourri for $100 Alex.  What I choose to write about will be whatever pops into my mind.  It might be a rant about working in the yard (I hate it, my wife loves it), or it might be the Padres, Seahawks, Lakers or Wilds week in review.

Since it is Tuesday, let me tell you about the book I am reading.  It is the twenty seventh book I have started this year.  So far I have not finished two of the books I started.  For Easter Sunday our pastor taught on the resurrection and he mentioned this book and how much it had  affected him.  Since our Pastor is someone I have known for many, many years I decided to look into it.  I checked the book out from the library system that I work for.  I started reading it last Friday and am on the second rule.  The forward is worth the price of admission and the book is really easy to read.  Unlike many big thinkers Jordan Peterson is able to write on a level that almost anyone should be able to understand and he does it with humor and humility.  I am looking forward to reading the rest of it.

Friday, May 3, 2019

An Upgrade and 7 New Padrographs

#1075 Luis Torrens.  I had a card from Venezuela of Luis and I decided to upgrade to this 2018 card.  Luis played in fifty six games for the Padres in 2017.

#1140 Jose Castillo.  I picked this card up on Ebay recently. Jose pitched in 37 games for the Padres in 2018.

#1141 Owen Miller.  Owen was drafted in the third round in 2018.  He is currently playing for the AA Sod Poodles.  Picked this up on the bay.

#1142 Andres Munoz.  Andres was signed by the Padres in 2016 at age 17.  He is currently 20 years old and is pitching at AA Amarillo.  Purchased this card on ebay.

#1143 Ronald Bolanos.  Ronald is a 22 year old Cuban in his third year in the Padres system.  He is pitching a High A Lake Elsinore this year.  Another pick up from ebay.

#1144 Jawuan Harris.  Jawuan was drafted in the seventh round of the 2018 draft.  He is currently playing at A Ft. Wayne.  Another card from ebay.

#1145  Mike Gallic.  Mike was drafted in the eighteenth round of the 2011 draft.  He played two years in the Padres system and then a year of independent ball.  I have written him and looked for signatures on all kinds of sites and found this in person signature on Sports Collectors.  

#1146 Clint Barmes.  I found an address for Clint on Sports Collectors net and sent this and a Pirate to Clint.  It took just sixteen days to go to Mead, Colorado and back.  

I just need four more Padrographs to get to my goal of 1,150 this year.  

Frankenset pages 61-64, UPDATED

We have our first card on the penultimate page of the Frankenset.  #572 Jack Spring, 1963 Topps, L.A. Angels.  Jack had been playing in the majors since 1955 and was just two years away from finishing his career in 1965 with Cleveland.  

Starting with next Friday, I will be publishing an update on the status of the Frankenset each Friday.  I will share the cards that have battled to be in the set and update those added and will update the Frankenset page accordingly.   

The Frankenset page has been updated.