Friday, January 22, 2010

Hackman, Hairston and Hall

Luther Gean Hackman played for Saint Louis and Colorado before playing for the Padres in 2003.   Since 2003 he has been playing all over China.  I believe I got this signed through the mail several years ago.

Scott Alexander Hairston  is a member of Major League Baseballs' largest family.  His brother, father, uncle and grandfather have all played major league baseball.  Scott will be playing with his brother, Jerry Hairston, Jr. this year in San Diego (unless more trades happen).  Scott is returning to San Diego after having been traded to the A's during the 2009 season.   I got this signed through the mail at the beginning of the 2009 season before he got traded.

William Earl Hall was a career minor league player who played from 1991-2005.  He started with the Padres in 1991 and played for the Padres organization until 1995, then he bounced around between organizations and independent leagues until 2005.  I believe I got this card from eBay.

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