Monday, January 11, 2010

Spot the Sig-2nd Inning-Round Up

The autograph is indeed the actor D.B. Sweeney, who played Shoeless Joe Jackson in the movie "Eight Men Out".  One day after a Portland Beavers game my friend, Dan Fields and I were hanging out under the stands getting signatures, when we spotted D.B.  We asked him why he was there and he said he was doing research for a role.  It turns out that the role was Joe Jackson.  I got him to sign an index card.

As to the bonus question, in my opinon Billy Crudup is the closer looking Steve Prefontaine.  I went to South Eugene High School from 1972-1975 which was just a couple of miles away from the University of Oregon.  It was not an uncommon sight to see Pre running around town.  I saw him run more times than I can count.  The first time was the 1972 Olympic Trials and the last time was the night he died.  I skipped school to go to his memorial service at Marshfield, going with Robin Baker, Sharon Daviscourt and John Gustafson.  I attended the memorial service at the U of O, when the clock was run to the record.  During the clock running, with our eyes closed it was possible to picture Pre running around the track by where the applause was.  I have never seen anyone since with the kind of connection he had with a crowd.  In 1998 when "Without Limits" was filming at the U of O I got a chance to be an extra at the filming of Pres' last race.  The first time I saw Billy Crudup I did a double take because he looked so much like Pre.  I had a picture of Pre from that last race and the staff of the movie wondered how I had a picture of Crudup  in costume. It was a wonderful experience and I still enjoy watching the movie.  It seems to be the closest to what I remember happening.
Marks Epherma won the autograph portion of the contest and Phungo got the bonus question right, so here is where the game stands after two innings.

Lauren-Angels- Man on Second
Marks Epherma-Man on Second
Zach-Wichita Wingnuts-Man on First
Phungo-Phillies-Man on First
Brian-Rangers-On Deck
Dan-Indians-On Deck
Ryan-Orioles-On Deck
oopowham-On Deck
spastikmoos-On Deck


opoohwan said...

I am sorry I didn't understand the Team to represent note. if it is not too late...I will take Diamondbacks for 200 Alec.

zman40 said...

Man, a multiple choice question with only two guesses and only one person is awarded points. That the pits.

Nice job on the DB autograph, though. If I would have been at that game, I would have walked by him and kept on walking. That is how familar I am with him.

deal said...

Good without Limits story. I really enjoyed that movie.

Did you enjoy the other movie, I have never seen it.

Rod said...

Prefontaine was told in a weird disjointed flashback style that I didn't like and I didn't think the casting was as good.