Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Spot the Sig-4th Inning Round Up

The answer to Spot the Sig- 4th Inning was indeed the latest James Bond, from Casino Royale and the Jason Bourne film, Quantum of Solace.  The director of the Bourne trilogy, direct Quantum and it felt more like a Bourne film than a Bond Film.  I obtained the Craig auto on a 3X5 from ebay, it was purportedly gotten at a Vanity Fair party.  My son and I have obtained signed 3X5 cards of all of the main actors who have portrayed James Bond in the film series, Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, and Daniel Craig.  We are going to get them all framed and matted, we are trying to figure out what to put with them and what the best way to display them would be.  Paul from Phungo correctly guessed the identity of the autograph, after a few clues were given.  The triple he gets helps him score a run, since he had a man on first, so he has a run and a man on third. 

Zman of Autographed Cards gave the following complete answer to the bonus question, Joseph "Joe" Pike is the intimidating partner of fictional private investigator Elvis Cole, created by writer Robert Crais. Pike is a tight-lipped, seemingly joyless ex-Marine, ex-LAPD officer who owns a gun shop as well as being a part-time soldier of fortune. Joe Pike is best known for always wearing sunglasses (any time of day or night) which hide his intense blue eyes, faded Levi's jeans, and a cut-off grey sweatshirt that shows the tattoos on his deltoids (two red arrows that point forward), and his no-nonsense attitude. He also enjoys reading, running, and working out. Pike typically carries a Colt .357 Python with a four-inch (102 mm) barrel.  That answer got Zach a Walk and gives him a man on first and second.  Robert Crais is one of my favorite authors, I devoured his last book in 6 hours.  Now I have to wait a full year for another, oh well Harlan Coben, Matthew Reilly, Gregg Hurwitz, Carol O'Connell, Janet Evanovich, Kyle Mills, Brad Thor and Lee Child all have books coming out this summer, not to mention Robert K. Tanenbaum and Ted Dekker.

After four Innings 
Phungo-Phillies-Run Scored and a Man on Third
Ryan-Angels-Man on Third
Lauren-Angels- Man on Second
Marks Epherma-Man on Second
Adam E.-Red Sox-Man on Second
Zach-Wichita Wingnuts-Man on First & Second
Brian-Rangers-On Deck
Dan-Indians-On Deck
Ryan-Orioles-On Deck
oopowham-On Deck
spastikmoos-On Deck


Play at the Plate said...

Oh, man...I looked and looked for that one. Nice going!

Verification word: concests

Is that a drunk contest?

deal said...

WhooHoo run Scores!