Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I finally made it to the post office

I made it to a post office last night and sent out a bunch of stuff, some as part of trades and some just cause.  I still have to get to the airport post office this Friday (I hope) to mail stuff to The Hamiltonian and Traders Crack, since they are north of the border. 

Watch your mailboxes.  Beardy, I finally sent your O, with a couple of other things.  Chad of SCN, your stuff for the Brennan Boesch trade is on it's way and Sooz your Jeter memorabilia card from Goodwin is winging it's way to Egg Harbor.  Tim Henson your 1986 Topps are finally on there way.  Troll, the ladies at Dinged Corners, VOTC, Night Owl, GCRL and Zach of Autographed Cards you all have stuff coming your way.

Hey look there is a contest down below.  There are six prizes and so far only two entries.  Hope you all have a great day.  I am on my way to a class for work on Cash Handling. 

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gcrl said...

nice. can't wait. i wish i could help you with your auto needs, but alas i cannot.