Sunday, October 25, 2009

Steve Finley and John Flaherty

Steven Allen Finley came to San Diego as part of a huge multi player deal in 1994 and played 4 seasons for the Padres.  He played 4 seasons in San Diego from 1995-1998, going to the World Series with the Padres only to be swept by the Yankees.  He hit .276 with 82 Home Runs while with the Padres.  I believe I got this card signed through the mail.

John Timothy Flaherty only played one season with the Padres in 1996 after being traded from the Tigers and before being traded to the Tampa Bay Rays.  While he was with San Diego he hit .284 with 18 Home Runs.  I bought this Leaf Signature series card on eBay several years ago.  

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matthew houskeeper said...

How the mighty have fallen.
Now he is writing bad checks and refusing to pay the workers at his restaurant.