Tuesday, October 20, 2009

2009 Topps Update and Traded

I just received a Padres team set from the updates and traded or what ever they call it these days, the traded set.
I was anticipating several cards and wondering about several others, there are 13 cards in the set, two All Star cards of Heath Bell and Adrian Gonzalez and a Home Run Derby card of Adrian.  There are cards of players that I already have signatures of Heath Bell, Mat Latos, Kyle Banks, and David Eckstein.  I don't have a signed card of Cliff Floyd, who didn't play hardly at all, but he had an OPC card that is in the mail to him.  The five cards that were guys who I had never seen Padres cards of are, in no particular order. 

Aaron Poreda was one of the four pitchers the Padres acquired in the Jake Peavey trade.  He appeared in 4 games in 2.1 innings, must have been a middle reliever.  You hear a lot about starting pitchers and closers, but middle relievers have an anonymous career.

Chris Burke makes me asks why, and why not Henry Blanco.  Burke signed with the Padres in January, released and signed with the Mariners, in April he was back with the Padres and in JUNE he signed with the Braves.  How do I know all this, it's on the back of the card.  If he has been gone from the Padres since June show him on a Braves card and give this spot to Henry Blanco, who was the opening day catcher and with the team all year.

Clayton Richard was the star of the Peavey trade.  He went 5-2 after he game over from the White Sox, with he and all the other good pitchers that the Padres, they might have a good rotation for awhile.

Kevin Correia was a free agent signing before the season, who became the ace of the staff after Peavey was traded and Chris Young got hurt.  He was 12-11 with a 3.09 ERA.

This is the biggest disappointment, come on.  The biggest name trade they Padres have had in a while, a link to the glory days of years past and the best you can do is a belly flop at homeplate.  Give me a decent photograph of Tony Gwynn, Jr.  Overall I am disappointed in the set, Chris Burke was gone before the all star break and the Tony picture sucks.

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