Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Iorg & Ivie

Dane Charles Iorg played for the Padres in 90 games in 1986 and was released after the season.  He didn't play anywhere in 1987.  He had been playing in the major leagues since 1977, mostly with the Cardinals.  He went to the World Series in 1985 and got the hit that took the series to a game 7, which the Royals won to win the series.  Dane had played against his brother Garth in the ALCS leading up to that series.  I am not sure where I got the card, either eBay or ABC unlimited.
Michael Wilson Ivie was a catcher in the minor leagues who developed a case of the "yips", he was unable to throw the ball back to the pitcher or the second baseman, his throws often were closer to the center fielder than the second baseman.   He was moved to the infield where he played for 5 years in San Diego, before going on to play for the Giants, Astros and Cardinals.  I got this SSPC card signed through the mail.

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