Friday, March 12, 2010

A minor (league) Bipping and TTM sucesses

It has a busy week, busy at work, busy trying to refinance our house.  Busy with all that goes with being an overly involved person.  I ordered some minor league Bips from Dave over at , which is a great resource for player collectors, state or college collectors, or any thing where you don't want to buy the whole team set.  I got 5 Bips from the minor leagues.  Padres, Pirates and Indian minor league cards. 

The three Vegas cards I have owned before but I have never seen the others before.  Nashua is 1985, Vegas is 86-87 and Toledo is from1997.  I plan on cataloging my Bip cards this weekend so I can see what I have and start making a list of what I need.  This week I received cards back from three more players that I sent cards to.  This week I got cards back from Ryan Webb, Aaron Poreda and Tony, Jr.  Gwynn and Poreda each sent back three and Webb one, but that is all that I asked him to sign, since he only has one Padres card.  I was really impressed with the signatures of all of them.  That puts me at 4/9,  they took 14 days which is pretty good.  I will use the 2010 Gwynn for my one per year collection and use the 2010 Upper Deck for the player card.,  I haven't decided which Poreda to use yet. 

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