Saturday, March 13, 2010

Baseball in San Diego, From the Padres to Petco, Images of Baseball by Bill Swank; 2000; 128 pages; Arcadia Publishing, Charleston, SC; 0-7385-3261-4; Interlibrary Loan from the California State Library; 3/9-3/11
I have been trying to find books about the Padres to read and I have been fruitlessly searching all over for titles.  Then all of a sudden about a week ago it was like some one hit me in the head and said Hey Dummy why not look in the card catalog at the San Diego Public Library, it's online you know.  So I went and looked at the catalog, printed out the list of Padres books available and started putting them on hold through interlibrary loan.
The is another volume in the Images of Baseball which makes it the third one I have read along with Baseball in Portland and Baseball in Fort Wayne.  Once again this is an impressive collection of photos which traces the Padres from 1936 at Lane Field with Ted Williams to Westlake Park, to Jack Murphy Stadium with the 1984 Cub Busters to Petco Park with Tony Gwynn.  Really good captions keep the action moving along. Grade-A-

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