Thursday, June 4, 2009

Jack Anthony Clark

Don't like him, never did, never will, whiny, mean, and Gwynn hater. $11 million in debts, only $4 million in assets, bankrupt but owned 18 cars at the time. 4 time all star. still don't like him. Hung Tony in effigy. Unlikable for me.

Only 4 more cards before one of my favorites.

Thanks to Sooz at A Cardboard Problem for the great package I received today, especially the lovely 88 Donruss Chris Brown card. Thanks also to Phungo for the batch of cards especially the Phungo pack with the great card of Thomas Jefferson waiting in the on deck circle.

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gcrl said...

how he was hired to be the dodgers' hitting coach a few years ago continues to be one of the greatest mysteries of our time.