Friday, September 20, 2019

Frankenset Update,

This weeks update contains 3 cards from Gavin of Baseball Card Breakdown, 5 custom cards that I got signed through the mail and one card that is not signed by the player pictured.  
Brett Butler is a name I remember from watching baseball when I was younger.  Steve Lyons is from the Portland are.  Lenny Moore is someone I remember reading about when I was much younger.  I liked the playfulness of the Kimeera Butler card, Let the Kids Play.  Hal Brown, I like the old cards.  San Jose Fuji, is the name variation of the cards I made for him.  There is also a photo variation, I will let him show it if he wants to. Carter Capps was a pitcher who started the season with the Padres in Spring Training but didn't catch on anywhere.  The card of John Danks is signed by Chris Felix, who is the artist who did the painting.  Hector Gimenez is one of the three cards I got from Gavin, sadly I can't think which of the others also came from him. I just remembered that the Chris Felix is from Gavin also.  Mark Harmon is a custom I sent to him and he signed.  He also signed a card of himself as the QB at UCLA and as Gibbs from NCIS.  Alex Trebek has been the host of Jeopardy for the last 36 seasons.  Jeopardy and NCIS are shows that I make it a point to watch regularly.  Darrin Hall is (I think) another one of the cards I got from Gavin.  Governor David Ige, of Hawaii and Governor Jay Inslee, are part of a project I am currently working on to get signed cards of all 50 governors.  I have sent ten out and gotten these two back signed.  Another Governor sent the cards back unsigned with no response other than a form letter to a sixth grader. The rest of the cards are ones I got off of eBay because they were numbers I needed. Josh Layne, Orlando Pena, Terry Beeson, Dave Stieb, and Dan Schatzeder.  

The Frankenset Page is updated.


defgav said...

The cards from me were the Gimenez, Danks, and Steib. I checked a bunch of my available autos, but those were the only 3 that I could find with numbers you needed. Glad to see the Danks made the cut even though it's not signed by the player. I won't be offended it you upgrade that slot someday.. lol.

Jon said...

Some really big names here, Lenny Moore, Mark Harmon, Alex Trebek... Fuji!

Fuji said...

Wow. Honored to be in your frankenset. And the governor project is awesome! That should be fun and challenging. Can't wait to see more on this blog.