Saturday, July 4, 2009

Dinged Corners, Cards on Cards and books to read

Earlier this week, before I went down with another bout of gout, I got a great mail day. There were gems from the crew at Dinged Corners and from Kerry at Cards on Cards.

I choose a few cards from each shipment to highlight. The ladies at Dinged Corners sent several great bundles of Padres. Marcus Giles looks excited to be playing alongside his brother, too long that didn't last too long. Evereth Cabrera had a great night last night almost single handily defeating the Doggers. One of my friends got his autograph for me while he was here on a rehab assignment. Chip Ambres are you one of those guys who waits for the off season to answer your mail. I sent you this card in spring training and you still have it. Andy Ashby fishing, one of my favorite cards and one that should end up on Baseball Cards come to Life. Greg Maddux on a Future Stars card? By the time he was with the Padres he was a lock for the hall of fame. What was UD thinking? Joey Cora was one of the nicest people I met, I remember giving him and some other players a ride to their hotel. Jake you forgot to sign one of your cards. I have a picture of my oldest son in almost that same uniform at about the same age. Patricia and the girls sent me their books recommendations as did Kerry. I have never read any of the books the Dinged Corner crew recommended. I will be putting the books on hold at the library as soon as I can. I read Kerrys' recommendation a couple of years ago, not a big fan of the book.

Kerry also sent some great Padres cards. Tony Gwynn sporting the airbrushed logo less uniform. Reminds me of the Pro Track meet I once worked at, each event was sponsored by a corporation. Jim Ryun and Kip Keino ran in the Post Cereal 1500 meter run, each sporting a post cereal logo on their singlet. Any time Tony smiled made for a great card. Mickey Lolichs' parents used to come in each time he was coming back to Portland to buy a dozen official balls for him to sign while he was there. One time they brought him in with them and we got some stuff signed (they let us know they were bringing him) and this was one of the things I got signed.

Thanks for the great cards and the book recommendations.

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