Monday, June 3, 2019

Brett Alan please contact the blog.

Brett you are the next person to choose in the contest winnings.  You get to choose two items that are not marked Gone.  Let me know your email and address so I can send you your winnings.  


Brett Alan said...


OK, as a Mets fan, the Wilmer Flores /25 is an easy pick. Second one is tough between the Seager and the Ohtani but I'll go with the Seager /100.

Thanks for the contest and congrats to DHoff (that Gorman could turn out to be a big item!).

You actually have my address from the relics trade we did but I'll resend it in an email probably before you read this. Thanks again.

defgav said...

I think I'll take the 2018 Topps Heritage, Joey Votto, Relic.