Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Album of the Week in a cardboard sleeve

This was a really good book and the movie was awesome.  While I was in the Navy, way back in 1975-1979, I saw this something like 23 times.  Out at sea back in the day, we had either our choice of watching a movie on the mess decks or watching videotapes in our berthing compartment.  Since we didn't make landfall all that often we didn't get new movies or tapes very often.  So I often had to choose between watching Jaws or Donny and Marie re-runs.  I love Marie but could only stomach so much of the corny humor they seemed to embrace.  So I have seen it many times and always liked the main theme and the rest of the score didn't really register.  I got this from Ebay and listened to it the other night while writing letters to some Padres for TTM requests.  It is a very good orchestral soundtrack, I shouldn't really be surprised since it is by John Williams.   

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Fuji said...

Huge fan of Williams' work. I have a bunch of his soundtracks on a Spotify playlist I use in my classroom.