Thursday, June 4, 2020

Customs Page 11, a missed page and a bookstore update.

After yesterdays post a few people asked why the bookstore was closing.  The branch library that is moving into the building was even smaller than ours.  In the new age of social distancing it was too small to allow staff and library patrons to both be in the building, plus our building was the original home of that branch from 1912-1960.  I think the library realizes that the bookstore was a valuable community resource and will someday and somehow reopen it in some form.
Somehow I managed to skip a page.  Jerry Mallett was drafted by the Syracuse Nationals of the NBA in 1957.  He opted for baseball and had a four game career with the Red Sox in 1959.  How is your name recognition for this page?


Matt said...

I had to look up Traver's career. I hope he got at least an AL Championship ring for his brief stint!

Nick said...

I sure hope the bookstore opens again soon! I'm still on furlough, but my bookstore did reopen (with a limit of 20 people at a time) to the public a few days ago. Hopefully I'm back there sooner rather than later.

Fuji said...

0 for 9... again. I'm really starting to question my baseball knowledge. ;D