Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Gint A Cuffs

Well Here goes again, I posted this last night and at some point it lost it's pictures and the last 3 packs.
N43 +5, no extra for being Aroldis Chapman

Pack 1
Jason Heyward (+2 someones favorite player, +2 for short print #335)
Ozzie Martinez mini (+2 A&G ad back)
Florence Nightingale (+2 Minds that Made the Future)
Pack Total:8/Box Total 13

 Pack 2
Omar Infante (+2 mini A&G ad back)
 Jacoby Ellsbury (+1 Hometown Heroes set)
 The Human Cannonball (+3 Step Right Up Mini)
Pack Total: 6/ Box Total 19

 Pack 3
 Mike Pelfrey (+2 #342 SP)
 Jordan Zimmerman (+1 Hometown Heroes)
 Bobby Abreu (+3 #218 black bordered mini parallel)
Homo Sapiens Sapiens (+1 Ascent of Man)
Pack Total 7/Box Total 26

Pack 4
Travis Hafner (+1 Hometown Heroes)
Cody Ross Bat Relic (+10)
Pack Total 11/ Box Total 37

Pack 5
Kevin Kouzmanoff (+2 #336 SP)
HMS Devastation, I can't think of a better name for a warship (+2 Floating Fortress insert)
Brian McCann (+2 #245 A&G Ad back mini)
Pack Total 6/Box Total 43

Pack 6
Gaby Sanchez, (+2 #334 SP)
Alexander Graham Bell (+2, Minds that Made the Future)
Red Wolf (+3, Mini Animals in Peril)
The Lizzie Borden House, (+3, Mini Uninvited Guest)
Sarcoptergypii(+1 Ascent of Man)
Pack Total 11/ Box Total 54

Pack 7
Andrew McCutchen(+1 Hometown Heroes)
Mark Rogers (+3, Black Bordered Mini)
Phil Hughes, (-1 Damm Yankee)
Dicky V(+1)
Pack Total 5/Box Total 59

Pack 8
Alex Gordon (+1 Hometown Hero)
Francisco Rodrigue (+2 A&G ad back mini)
Mark Reynolds (+2 #321 SP)
Pack Total 5/ Box Total 64

Pack 9
Kristi Yamaguchi (+3 Ginter Code Card)
Stephen Drew  (+1 Hometown Hero)
Kasper Hauser (+3, Worlds Most Mysterious Figures)
Mike Gellner (+5 Portraits of Penultimacy,)
Pack Total 12/ Box Total 76

Pack 10
Cole Hamels (+2 Favorite Player of someone)
Miguel Montero (+3 Ginter Code Card)
Kyle Petty,(+1 Son of the King)
Geno Auriemma (-1, enemy of Pat Summit)
Twins open new stadium (+3 Baseball Highlight Sketch)
Ryan Zimmerman (+3 Mini SP)
Manny Ramirez (+1 Hometown Heroes)
Pack Total 12/ Box Total 88

Pack 11
Kevin Youklis (+2, Favorite Player)
Texas Rangers (+3, Baseball highlight Sketch)
Bachelors Grove Cemetery (+3 uninvited guest mini)
Chase Utley(+1 Hometown Heroes) from the same town as me Long Beach, CA
Pack Total 9/ Box Total 97

Pack 12
Felix Hernandez(+1, Favorite Player)
Orlando Hudson(+1, Favorite Team)
Adam Dunn(+1, Hometown Heroes)
Pack Total 3/Box Total 100

Pack 13
Scott Rolen(+1 Hometown Hero)
Captain Charles Johnson(+3, Worlds Most Mysterious Figures)
Brent Morel(+10, Auto Card AGA-BMO)
Pack Total 14/Box Total 114

Pack 14
Martin Prado(+2, Someones favorite player)
Delmon Young(+1, Hometown Hero)
Greater Bamboo Lemur(+3 Animals in Peril Mini)
Pack Total 6/Box Total 120

Pack 15
Cory Luebke(+1, My Favorite Team)
Nick Markakis(+2, someones favorite player, +2 SP #314)
Markhor(+3 Animals in Peril mini)
USS Merrimack (+2 Floating Fortresses)
Pack Total 10/ Box Total 130

Pack 16
Mariano Rivera(-1, Damm Yankee)
Trevor Cahill(+2, SP #322)
Mountain Gorilla(+3 Animals in Peril mini)
Mahmudiye(+2, Floating Fortresses)
Hominina(+1, Ascent of Man)
Chase Headley(+1 , My Favorite Team)
Pack Total 9/Box Total 139

Pack 17
Brett Wallace(+1, SP #318)
Jake Peavy(+1, Hometown Hero)
Bobby Danks(+2, A&G Ad Back Mini)
Jon Lester(+2 Someones Favorite Player, +2 SP #320)
Troy Tulowitzki(+2 Someones Favorite Player)
Pack Total 10/Box Total 149

Pack 18
Alex Gordon(+2, SP #329)
Jason Kubel(+1, Hometown Hero)
Black Eyed Susan(+10, Flora of the World Mini) Thanks for bringing me flowers
Pack Total 13/Box Total 162

Pack 19
Alex Rodriguez(+2 Baseball Highlight card of a Damm Yankee)
Lance Berkman(+2 Someones Favorite Player, +1 Hometown Hero)
Alcatraz(+3 Uninvited Guest Mini)
Pack Total 8/Box Total 170

Pack 20
Justin Upton(+1 Hometown Hero)
Daniel Bard(+2 A&G Ad Back Mini)
Heath Bell (+4, My Favorite Player +1 favorite team)
Chuck Woolrey(+1 accompanied by boxer Ana Julaton & Angel Pagan)
The Bed of Nails(+3, Step right up mini) damaged but the commish has ruled that I shouldn't be penalized for Topps incompetence.
Pack Total 12/Box Total 182

Pack 21
Matt Kemp(+1 Hometown Hero, +2 Night Owls favorite player)
(+1 Ascent of Man)
Storen (+2 SP)
Bumgarner (+3 SP Mini)
Pack Total 9/Box Total 191
Pack 22
Mickey Mantle (-1 Damm Yankee Great)
Rick Porcello (+3 Ginter Code Card)
Elvis Andrus (+3 Black Bordered Mini)
Brian McCann(+1 Hometown Hero)
Pack Total 7/Box Total 198
Pack 23
Mark Teixeria(-1, Damm Yankee)
Aimmee Mullins(+1, good looking, an athlete and differently abled)
CC Sabithia(-1 Damm Yankee, +2 SP=+1)
Gregor Mendel,(+2 Minds that made the Future)
Adam Jones(+2 Favorite Player)
Igor(+3 Portraits in Penultimacy)
Pack Total 9/Box Total 207
Pack 24
Ryan Howard(+ 3, Baseball Highlight Sketch)
Dustin Pedroia(+10, Relic Bat Card)
Danks (+1 Hometown Hero)
Pack Total 14/Box Total 221
That looks like third place.  Ambushed by the Damm Yankees at the end.  Wait til next year


cardhobbyist said...

That was a decent box. Better than mine at least.

night owl said...

One and done! I like it.

I think I still need that Kemp Hometown Heroes card