Thursday, December 24, 2009

Since it's Christmas time, I thought I would feature a guy in a red and white costume.  Okay so it is mostly red and yellow, this card is feathered in the G's, because of the name of the man in the suit.Ted Giannoulas has been doing the chicken gig since 1974 when he started by handing out Easter Eggs at the San Diego Zoo.  After that gig he volunteered to make appearances at the Padres game. And as they a legend was hatched.  I don't think I have any cards signed by Ted, but I do have a couple of photos signed with both of his names. The first time I asked him to sign his name he said that would be like asking Santa Claus to sign Ralph.  I have seen the Chicken perform from A to MLB, and have always laughed very much and loudly.  I got this signed through the mail 26 years ago.  That was exactly half a lifetime ago now.   This could be one of the oldest signatures that I have in my collection.

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