Monday, May 25, 2009

Incoming Mail, Upper Deck and Topps 2, ebay pickup

I had heard that Upper Deck 2 and Topps 2 were out so this weekend I went hunting for them. I found Upper Deck 2 at the local card shop and bought 5 packs on Saturday and 5 on Sunday. A bit of difference in what ratio of inserts I got. Sunday I went to Target and got 5 packs of Topps 2 and got some nice inserts there also. I got mail from Roll Out the Barrel, Cards on Cards and Night Owl Cards this weekend also. These are the inserts that I got from the first five packs of Upper Deck Series 2 that I bought at Baseball Cards and More. They were the last five packs in the box. The owner said that I bought the most packs out of the box and he didn't know what any one else had gotten out of the box. I am willing to trade any for any of these except the Pirates and Peavy Cards. Dinged Corners has the right of first refusal on the USA cards. Then I went to Target and bought some packs of Topps 2. I got some good base cards for my Padres out of these packs, but GCRL or Night Owl would really have liked these five packs. I am keeping the Mel Ott card, but the others are available. I am keeping Mel Ott, because he is one of the first ballplayers I ever remember reading about and I really liked him for a long time. I then went back to Baseball Cards and More and bought 5 more packs of Upper Deck 2. I didn't do as well on the second batch of Upper Deck 2 packs and even got a duplicate autograph of Mike Leake on the National Team. The Jr. is already spoken for but the rest of the cards are available to trade. Night Owl spent me some cool stamps and stickers among the cards he sent me, he helped me make some progress on my starting lineups. I am trying to compile the opening day starting lineups for every season since 1969. Roll Out the Barrel and Cards on Cards both sent packages this weekend and these are some of the cards they sent. The Mini Bip card is very fun, Geroge Kottaras was supposed the future behind the plate, but I think he is now Tim Wakefields catcher, you can never have too many Gwynn masterpiece cards and I got one of the airbrushed disappearing Bowman rookies. Finally I picked up this from the 2009 Bowman off of eBay for $5.60 including S&H, but I can't get the Logan Forsythe from the same set for under about $12-$15. I will keep looking. I am going to the Portland Beavers vs Memphis Redbirds game this afternoon, I am planning on being in section 215. I will be wearing a Hawaiian shirt (it's all I wear, my wife makes 'em for me) and a Padres cap.


night owl said...

Yeah, looks like you did well with the Upper Deck packs.

Always interested in Campy and Pee Wee.

Rod said...

They are yours. Thanks for the package last week.